Dr. Wilson and Miranda have provided excellent care and professional attention during my entire experience with them.  From my initial x-ray appointment, to MRI, to diagnosis, surgery, recovery/PT - EmergeOrtho has been able to handle everything under one roof. They were very upfront with discussing my shoulder surgery details and did a good job of explaining the necessary PT and the recovery time needed after surgery.  My recovery experience has matched their estimates. Highly recommend, 5+ stars, would use them again in a minute...but hope I don't have to :)



Recently I had the privilege to experience the orthopedic care of Dr. Joe Wilson. I am pleased to say that I concur with the illustrious reviews I read prior to my visit. Dr. Wilson was very professional and knowledgeable. He was equally as compassionate, and attentive to my concerns. After struggling with a shoulder injury for nearly 9 months, Dr. Wilson was able to review my x-rays, perform an exam, and discuss short term and long term treatment strategies in less than 30 minutes. I have followed his counsel and I am already feeling much better. For that, I am so grateful! Another 5 star rating well-deserved.Thank you for your excellent care Dr. Wilson!



After years of suffering with shoulder arthritis, Dr. Wilson recommended a total shoulder replacement. The surgery went very smoothly with the expectation of a long-term recovery. During the recovery Dr. Wilson was directly accessible when an issue that came up and responded within 10 minutes on a Sunday! During the long recovery I met with Dr. Wilson multiple times and he was always attentive and provided time for my questions. Today the pain is gone and I am working toward more advanced functionality of my shoulder to return to activities I have not done in a decade. Very satisfied and I highly recommend Dr. Wilson and his great staff.



Dr. Wilson has this amazing quality about him, one that puts you both at ease and in the drivers seat about what is best for your progress.  He listened to my goals for full mobility, and offered a few suggestions.  He answered all of my questions and engaged in authentic dialogue.  Walking out of the exam room, I knew immediately I had made the correct choice to have him as my provider and allow him to operate on my shoulder.  I have never met a surgeon who felt like a good neighbor, but this man did.  Dr. Wilson followed up with me at multiple stages of my recovery, answered text messages (yes, he can be reached with ease and responds quickly), and provided me guidance with what to expect.  In my follow up visit, I celebrated a rapid recovery and his success with the repairs necessary.  Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Joe Wilson to anyone.  In fact, I have raved about him to my sister-in-law who found him to be as professional, personable, and competent as I did.



I completely  agree that Dr. Wilson is an expert of shoulders! In December 2020 , I had a right total replacement. Arthritis has deteriorated my left shoulder and will schedule the surgery soon. I am very impressed with the kind and exceptional bedside manor of Dr. Wilson, he gives his complete and undivided attention when it comes to any question and treatment options. I wouldn’t have any other doctor perform this surgery, our trust is in him completely!



Dr.Wilson and team were fabulous to work with. My total shoulder replacement was a huge success and has resulted in my new shoulder being 100% perfect. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr.Wilson for anyone having shoulder issues. He is definitely at the TOP of the profession.



Dr.  Wilson did a great job on my rotator cuff.  No lingering effects at all.  Feels like I didn’t even have the surgery. Back full strength in the gym.   Thanks Doc!



Dr Wilson was wonderful to work with. He was easy to talk to, he listened to my concerns, and he was very knowledgable yet still easy to understand. He did a great job on my shoulder surgery, I recovered in great time, and I'm looking forward to being back to better than ever! I definitely recommend Dr Wilson for your shoulder and knee concerns.



Dr. Wilson is the finest surgeon in the country.

I had excruciating shoulder pain for over a year and knew it wasn't getting better so I researched shoulder surgery surgeons and Dr. Wilson was at the top of the list.

I was able to make an appt. quickly and meet with him. He determined after an MRI that I needed rotator cuff surgery and after describing to me everything involved in the process he scheduled me for surgery.

After a four and half month recovery I can say my shoulder feels better now than it has in a couple of years.

Dr Joseph Wilson is the finest shoulder

specialist surgeon in the country.



OUTSTANDING surgeon that is passionate about what he does and for the care of his patients. If you are looking for the top shoulder guy and one that has your best interest at heart, Dr. Wilson is the one. He has replaced both of my shoulders and got me back being active once again. I cannot say enough good about his medical expertise and his genuine compassion for his patients.



Dr. Wilson was wonderful. He was so understanding about my last surgery being without insurance and helping out with the cost of my next surgery.. I am a former healthcare worker with 30 years experience and he is a gem among few gems there are out there. I plan Dr. Wilson will do my next surgery and we’re working on dates. He even offered me a card with his cell phone number on it. I would recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone anywhere needing orthopedic surgery.



Dr Wilson and his staff are amazing. They are not only very efficient but friendly and fast too. Very personal service and with kindness and compassion.  Truly listen to what you are saying.



Dr. Joseph Wilson is unlike any other doctor I have ever had. He guided me every step of the way from pre-surgery treatment all the way through a very successful surgery during the midst of COVID pandemic. He and his staff kept me safe and helped me get well. He and the staff at Emerge Ortho are phenomenal, professional and caring. The best experience I have had to date. I highly recommend him!



Working in the orthopedic industry for 15 years,  I had the opportunity to hear many great reviews on Dr Wilson.   I’m aware of who the top orthopedic surgeons are in the area.  Dr Wilson’s name,  is brought  up very routinely.

I had the pleasure of being his patient today and it’s all very true.  Super knowledgeable, cares about his patients, listens to his patients and he developed a plan catered to me!   He took time to draw and explain  what was going on with my shoulder.  He has meet all expectations and more! Go see him



Dr. Wilson spent lots of time explaining his findings and options. I never felt rushed and he had a good sense of humor and rapport.



This was my initial visit with Dr. Wilson regarding my shoulder issue.  He was extremely personable, knowledgeable and forthcoming with all of the various options for treating and correcting my shoulder arthritis.   I am very confident in his abilities to perform replacement surgery should I decide to take that route.



A very active lifestyle caused deep tissue tears in my right shoulder. Making matters worse were two bad falls. I was in pretty bad shape but meeting Dr. Wilson was the best thing I could have done for both my physical recovery and peace of mind. My post-surgery convalescence was lengthy and he was with me every step of the way. In fact, he was there, available to me, through in-office visits, phone, video conference as much  as I needed. I never felt like I was on my own. Dr. Wilson is a surgeon at the top of his profession but you will not find a more caring person.



Dr. Wilson is a GREAT surgeon. He clearly cares about his patients.  I understood from start to finish what to expect from my shoulder surgery as well as why it was needed. The healing process went well thanks to him, his PA, and the physical therapy team at Emerge Ortho.  If you need shoulder surgery, Dr. Joe Wilson and his team are the ones to choose!



Wonderful doctor....highly qualified and very empathetic with his patients.He's working with many great doctors at Emerge Ortho. Very good medical facility in Durham.



Dr wilson is an amazing.. most doctors ive been to have been a nightmare because they dont want to listen to my concerns and i must say im glad to have been seen by him



Dr Wilson is a 5 Star Shoulder Surgeon!! I am grateful to Dr. Wilson for providing such excellent care.  He is extremely talented at his craft and always answered my long list of questions and made me feel well cared for from the diagnosis, surgery, and post-care.  I appreciated his caring, courteous, detailed, efficient and personable bedside manner. Even during a pandemic the services continued without missing a beat.  I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Wilson and his staff!  I highly recommend this top-notched 5 Star Shoulder Surgeon and his team!



I had my left shoulder replaced. The whole experience was great. The nerve block I had before the surgery truly helped with the pain for a few days. Dr. Wilson is truly the best.



Doctor Wilson explains everything so  Precise You really feel comfortable going in to this surgery And the surgery on my shoulder come out exactly the way he told me it would. I would Recommend doctor Wilson Highly for any shoulder surgery I needed done.



I would say that this doctor is a blessing in disguise, it’s natural to be nervous going into surgery but this whole staff was excellent and professional and honestly very welcoming, all the way from the initial start up process all the way through physical therapy! I would recommend this to literally anyone that would ever need any time of shoulder surgery done period



Skilled, compassionate, respectful of patients. I’m pretty sure he could put Humpty Dumpty’s shoulder back together again.



I recommend Dr.Wilson for your orthopedic needs.  He explained the scenarios with simplicity,for a person without knowledge of the area of the shoulder, that I felt as if I had a wealth of knowledge when I left my appointment.



Great Doctor!  Can't say enough about Dr Wilson...simply the best and glad i found him.  Extremely competent.....



I highly recommend Dr. Joe Wilson for shoulder replacement. He provides detailed information in a manner that anyone can understand. He is very personable and makes himself available for questions. Great experience from first visit to rehabilitation.



Dr. Wilson is skilled, professional, and intent on your being comfortable and getting the best result possible.  This is an unusually long process to heal from (rotator cuff surgery), so his commitment to help you through it is especially important.  I highly recommend him, and would certainly seek him out should I need further help.



He is a great doctor an very down to earth, a joy to talk too



What an amazing experience! I was visiting my parents and have been suffering from a deteriorating disc that leaves a dull aching pain in my right hand, and tight shoulders and neck. Yes, the one I use for all the mouse clicking. I saw a chiropractor who told me to start with massages. They helped but 3 months later, I feel incrementally better. My dad texted Dr. Wilson and he called us back. I gave him all the details of my diagnosis and plan. He listened and explained that we should be able to nip this in the bud in 2 weeks! He called in the necessary prescriptions to my pharmacy in Atlanta within the hour. I will check in with him in a couple weeks. I have never had a better experience with a doctor and my 77 year old dad feels the same.. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Wilson!



Dr. Wilson is the most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable medical  professional I have came across in a very long time. He explained all possible causes and treatments about my shoulder pain. He has put my worries to rest and provided a very effective treatment what relieved my pain.

His office also provides tele-health, video appointments so I didn't even had to leave my home. He is so experienced and knows what's going on just after a few words. Most importantly, he is such a genuine and kind person. In this World, where people just usually chase insurance and billing information and worry about getting paid,  his priorities are you and to make sure you are OK and no longer in excruciating pain.

I feel that he is truly a God Sent.



As long as Dr. Wilson is in the area and willing to see me, he has me as a patient. He’s kind, thorough, helps me understand what is happening with my shoulder and takes my individual needs into consideration when deciding on treatment. No better shoulder surgeon in my opinion!



Dr. Wilson and all the personnel were great. I had 3 previous shoulder surgery by another surgeon from another hospital and was told there was nothing else that could be done. Dr Wilson told me how much range of motion I would have after my total reverse shoulder replacement and I exceeded all expectations.  I'm so happy that I can use my arm and I'm finally pain free with almost full range of motion. I will recommend EmergOrtho to anyone.



Dr. Wilson is great!!! Very personable and friendly! Explains everything thoroughly and talks through different options so you can make an informed decision about your care! Wait time was long but well worth it!!!




Dr. Wilson performed by shoulder surgery almost a year ago.  I've been pleased with my procedure, support, and follow-up communication.  Dr. Wilson and his team were very quick to provide additional assistance, which decreased up my recovery time.

I'm an Active Duty Military officer, and after listening to his advice and rehab assignments, I was quickly able to get back to my physically demanding duties.

I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson to anyone.



Doctor Wilson did an excellent job on my shoulder replacement.

I only took five pain pills within 3 days after surgery, just because they told me to take them.  I stopped taking pain med because I did not have any pain since surgery.  He has an excellent operating room and nursing staff and office staff.  The physical therapist's were great.  I would highly recommend Doctor Wilson to everyone who has shoulder problems



I had great experience here. Dr. Wilson is very knowledgeable and professional. He explained everything to me from the type of injury I had to type of surgery needed with healing and rehab time table.

Thank you to Dr. Wilson and his staff!



Full reverse shoulder replacement by Dr. Joseph Wilson was a complete  success for me at age 79.  His knowledge and skill along with  my motivation and determination of Physical Therapy made it possible at 4 months to be without pain and be able to do most anything I want to again.  What everyone needs to know is that Physical Therapy is not easy but  working hard and doing the  Physical Therapy does pay off in the end.    Because I am living proof of this after completing mine. As that saying goes if you don't use it you will lose it.  I cannot thank Dr. Wilson enough for not only the fine operation he performed but also showing such kindness when you speak to him.   He is one of Emerge-Ortho's finest at this facility. facility. proud of have him as my surgeon in Emerge-Ortho.



Doctor Wilson qas really great he is very nice and explains stuff very well. I had little range in my arm and after the surgery and 5 to 6 months of physical therapy and im back to normal. I i highly recommend him great guy and a great surgeon



I have never had such a wonderful experience with a Doctor!! Dr. Wilson, is the best!



I had two complete tears in my rotator cuff. Dr Wilson did surgery on my right shoulder this past May. It has been five month since my surgery and I have full rotation of my arm. Still working on my strength but doing very well. Dr Wilson has been great he has been there for me to answer any questions I had from the time I had surgery. He gives his patients his phone number to be able to text him when you have questions.  Any time I texted him he got right back with me in a reasonable amount of time. I thank him for being there for me when needed. I am so happy I chose Dr Wilson to do my surgery I couldn’t be happier with my results.



Went to Dr. Wilson for a second opinion but decided to switch to him as primary orthopedic surgeon. He was friendly and easy to talk to.  He listened to me intently and then explained all my options in great detail and language that I could understand.  We came to an agreement on treatment - I loved being able to participate in my care.

I would refer anyone to Dr. Wilson for care. He is warm, personable and knowledgeable.  His staff is supportive and caring.  I was extremely happy with my choice of care giver.



I couldn't believe how fast I was able to make an appointment and be seen by Dr Wilson . I'm a 72 yr old man who's had his share of surgery, with many Orthopedic physician's.  My experience today with Dr Wilson was probably the best I've ever had. Not only was I impressed with Dr Wilson, he is surrounded by a great staff.   Thank you



Dr. Wilson and all of his staff are amazing.  I could not be more pleased with the care I received from him and from Drs. Dellaero and Takenaga.  The physical therapy staff was friendly and compassionate but pushed me to my potential.  My injury required being under their care for 2 years and 2 surgeries.  They were always caring and attentive to my needs.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



I’ve had more than 10 surgeries and have never seen a doctor as knowledgeable, understanding, caring and willing to help like doctor Wilson.

He goes out of his way to help.



Dr. Wilson repaired rotator cuff and bicep.  It was a great success and he was very professional.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wilson.



Dr Wilson was very thorough and explained everything in great detail.  I had a very positive experience.



I had shoulder surgery back in January and I am happy to say that I have my range of motion back and am feeling great! Dr. Wilson was always available if I needed anything ( which I didn’t), but just knowing that is a great feeling. Thanks Dr. Wilson!



On October 2019 I had a total shoulder replacement . My surgery was done by Doctor Joe Wilson physician with emerge / Ortho  located  in Durham NC on Ben Franklin Blvd Great surgeon I did not have any issues with the/ surgery, follow  up visits ,  scheduling appointments , My rehab was done at emerge /Ortho located in Roxboro NC by Rita Sattetfield , Tonya Chase outstanding crew at that facility , I highly recommend  Joe Wilson and the entire team at emerge/ortho



Saw Dr. Wilson for a second opinion on shoulder surgery.  He is very congenial and takes his time going over procedures/recommendations with you.  I felt like I left from meeting a new friend!  He is very sincere and makes sure that you understand everything he is going over.  I cannot recommend him enough.  If I had not already started with another surgeon, I would have asked him to do the procedure.



Dr. Wilson is the most top notch orthopaedic surgeon ever!  I  have had many surgeries for shoulders , knees etc., and out of all of them, my entire process was exceptional and successful. I had to have a shoulder replacement and Dr. Wilson, was very assuring, answered my questions with the time needed for me to fully comprehend the procedures ahead.  I never felt rushed or ignored and his bed side manner puts you at ease.  I highly recommend Dr. Wilson at Emerge Ortho to anyone who wants that perfect outcome!



My examination appointment with Dr. Wilson has to be one of the best doctor appointments I’ve ever had. I was seen on a timely basis. From the minute he stepped into the room he was friendly and professional. He listened to my complaint to my satisfaction. He showed me my x-rays and explained in terms I would understand that things overall appeared normal. My problem was more muscular than skeletal. He drew out on paper what he felt was going on and that helped tremendously. We discussed that physical therapy was the best treatment to pursue at this time. He answered all my questions. I was surprised to hear from him later in the day when he had more information for me. He gave me his cell number and said to feel comfortable to call if I had any questions. In my opinion and previous experience this appointment was above and beyond anything I expected. I would strongly recommend Dr. Wilson and EmergeOrtho for orthopedic care.



Awesome Dr. EXCELLENT bedside manners overall will recommend with my eyes close. Customer Service is A+. Will definitely return to do my right shoulder when the time comes. He took care of my left shoulder after a not so good experience elsewhere. He turn it around & made it well, movable all the works

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